Best Sellers Summit – Price Rising Soon!

Best Sellers Summit

Have you heard about the Best Sellers Summit yet?

It’s starting on Monday the 18th, and is going through the 21st.

During it, you’ll get to watch live sessions from 17 incredible people who will tell you how they became best sellers, so you can do the same and sell more books and other products.

The price is only $24, but will be rising tomorrow night.

Imagine what you could learn from:

  • Alex Mandossian (Publicity Expert)
  • Alice Seba (Content Marketing Expert)
  • Anthony Morrison (Millionaire Author/Marketer)
  • Armand Morin (Internet Marketing Authority)
  • Colin Theriot ( Founder)
  • Daniel Hall (Fast Publishing Expert)
  • E. Brian Rose (JVZoo Founder & Author)
  • Felicia Slattery (Communication/Networking Pro)
  • Jay Boyer (Author, Publisher & Online Marketing Expert)
  • Joel Comm (NY Times Best Selling Author)
  • Lynn Terry (Social Media/Blogging Expert)
  • Michael Fortin (Persuasive Writing Authority)
  • Ron Douglas (NY Times Best Selling Author)
  • Ryan Lee (Long Term Income Expert)
  • Sam Crowley (Podcast Audience Builder)
  • Shannon Cherry (Publicity/Branding Guru)
  • Ty Cohen (Kindle Cash Flow Expert)

They have all succeeded with their businesses, and will share their knowledge so that you can do the same this year!

Make this the year that you have a best selling book, and make more money than ever before.

After each presentation, you’ll also have time to ask any questions you have!

If this event were in person, it would cost you thousands in ticket prices, airfare, hotel, food, etc…

But Ron and Alice decided to do this event online, so that you can learn without having to spend all that money.

Make sure you take advantage of this so your 2016 can be an incredible year!

Sign up for the Best Sellers Summit Now!

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