Covert Optin Player – Web Video Just Changed Forever

Mark Dulisse - Covert Optin Player

You’ve got to see what Mark Dulisse just launched.

This isn’t just another video player….It’s a game changer!

It’s a tool that will drive both viewer interaction and conversions through the roof.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You can build your list and get optins at the Player Start, Pause, Timed, or End of video.You can let the user see part of the video and then force them to “opt-in or skip” to see the rest
    of the video.

    No more sleep walking through a video. This is such a powerful pattern interrupt that people are jolted to take action. Wet their appetite, and then go for the optin at the right time (using the timer option). Or, they click Pause, and oh..a powerful optin offer!

    The mind does not to leave something unfinished.

    Give them the opportunity to optin to get more information, or to see the rest of the video.

    Either way you will generate more leads, conversions, and sales.

  2. The Video Player Optin feature works with both Youtube (with HD option) and Self Hosted Videos on
    amazons3 or your own server.The competitors will either do Youtube or Self Hosted, but not both. This video player does both!
  3. You can Change and Add your own Background optin image.
  4. You can have your own brand and logo appear, and also add a “Powered By” link on all your videos with an affiliate link.The end result is more clicks, and more commissions for you.
  5. It works with All Major Autoresponders – Getresponse, Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, etc.
  6. Single page management. Manage and edit optin forms from one page, same with all the videos. Add unlimited videos and unlimited optin forms….plus, so much more, like 3 different Playlist styles, video popout style, and more.

    See all of the benefits of it at the link below. You can watch a demo as well.

This is powerful, and will change video on the web forever.

You have to check it out!

Learn More about Covert Optin Player Now!

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