Deal Broker System Closing Soon!


I wrote about Marc Horne’s Deal Broker System a few weeks ago…but I wanted to let you know that in just over a day, he’s going to close it.

Until then, you can watch the free webinar talking about how you can broker deals between merchants and daily deal sites, and make money with them.

Just think about it. How many daily deal sites are out there?

So how easy would it be to broker a deal with many of them?

Here’s a great example:

Product: Custom Woven Photo for 50% off
Over 5,000 sold
$295,000 Revenue
Estimated revenue for deal broker: $15,000…

Most deal sites won’t even let you worry about writing copy, and each deal, no matter how large, will take about the same time.

Or imagine if you set up this one…

City Segway Tours at 51% Off
Over 4,000 Sold
$147,963 Revenue
Estimated Revenue for deal broker: $7,000…

These are not made up products or made up numbers but real deals recently sold on just a couple of the top deal sites.

Learn how it is done below.

It seems crazy that you can set yourself up for a 6 figure income with only around 16 clients.

A $400 estimated profit per deal you set up is a modest number to use.

Run the same deal with 4 deal sites and that’s $1600. Of course there are thousands of deal sites to choose from.

Run an offer 4 times a year: $6,400 per client.

Work with just 16 businesses.
Totaling a yearly revenue of $102,400.

This is not nearly as hard as might imagine, the model is brilliant, timeless, and the best part is that it

  • No product of your own
  • No traffic generation
  • No website required
  • No database or mailing list
  • No social media marketing or SEO
  • No Affiliate marketing
  • No previous experience

This video will not be up for long, and highly recommend that you check it out right away by visiting the link below.

Note: The examples above are purely informational and express a potential that is not typical.

It’s closing tomorrow, so make sure you watch the free webinar now!

Watch the Deal Broker System Replay Now!

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