Last Day: Make $1,000+ Per Month with This Done for You Content!

Teach Your Tribe Special Offer

It can be hard to come up with the time to create your own products. That’s why I love being able to get high quality done-for-you content.

You don’t have to spend the time creating it, but you have awesome content for your followers.

The other day, I mentioned that CoachGlue has a special offer that’s good through tonight.

Each month, you’ll get a content package called “Teach Your Tribe” that you can use however you want.

If you chard $97 per month, you’d only need 11 people if you want to make $1,000 per month. You’d need only 21 people if you were looking to make $2,000 per month.

That seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it?

Through tonight, you can content for an entire year for just $197. If you wait until tomorrow, the same Teach Your Tribe content will cost you $97 per month.

If you think the reason you’re not successful yet is not having the content – you really need to check this out.

I get the Teach Your Tribe content every month from CoachGlue, along with other packages they offer. It’s because they have high quality content that I know will be helpful to my people.

They’re only offering it at this amazing price through tonight…so started now, and start earning a recurring revenue!

Get New Content Each Month to Create Your Membership Site!

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