Wow – 20 Products PLR Pack!

Nicheology Products In The Rough

You may not know this, but PLR (Private Label Rights) products didn’t always exist.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2003 that Jimmy D. Brown had the great idea to create content that others could use as their own. It wasn’t until a year later that he came up with the term “Private Label Rights.” Cool, right?

In 2004, he and Ryan Deiss opened Nicheology, which became the first site to sell PLR. So Nicheology is the original place to get PLR!

12 years later, Nicheology, and PLR are still killing it.

In fact, Nicheologoy just celebrated their 12th anniversary, and they’ve put together a special package of “Products in the Rough”.

It’s 20 sets of PLR, and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

It won’t be available forever though, so you need to get them now.

Here are the 20 PLR products you’ll be getting:

  1. Acing Your Job Interview
  2. Capitalizing On Your Million Dollar Idea
  3. 50 Ways to Work a Room – Networking Success
  4. How to Get Women
  5. Weddings on a Budget
  6. How to Get Your Baby to Sleep
  7. Dog Diet Tips
  8. Get Rid of Toxins
  9. DIY Home Improvement
  10. Outdoor Survival Skills
  11. Pet Owner Handbook
  12. 101 Travel Tips
  13. 101 Ways to Travel on a Budget
  14. Legally Improve Your Credit Score
  15. Be Successful with Penny Stocks
  16. 30 Ways to Lower Cholesterol
  17. 101 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds
  18. Getting Rid of Stretch Marks
  19. Goal Setting
  20. How to Quit Smoking

You’ll be able to get all 20 of these for less than what one package of PLR would usually go for!

Check it out:

Get 20 Packs of PLR Now!

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