Make Your Own Kindle Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the ’80s?They were really cool. You’d read a few pages, and then have a choice.

If you wanted option 1 to happen, you’d go to page 17.
If you wanted option 2 to happen, you’d go to page 21.
If you wanted option 3 to happen, you’d go to page 25.

…and then after reading the next plot point, you’d get another choice.

I really enjoyed them, because you could read the same book multiple times, and it would be completely different each time!

Right now, you can learn how to make these books for Kindle.

If you enjoyed them, don’t you think people today reading books on their mobile devices will enjoy choosing their own adventure? I’m sure they will!

Right now, for less than a dinner out, you can learn how to be one of the first people selling these types of books online. Don’t miss out!

Learn How to Create Your Own “Choose Your Own Adventure Books” for Kindle Now!

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