How to Launch Your Webinar (with PLR)

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A great way to sell things is via a Webinar.

Why is that? Because people get to hear your voice – and see your passion for what you’re doing.

You’re also usually giving away great information, making a sale from a webinar easier.

If you have no idea how to launch your webinar and make money from it…this new workbook will help you. Not only can you use it yourself, but you can sell it to your customers and make money too!

Here’s what the workbook covers:

  • Understanding the anatomy of a product funnel
  • Using free offers to drive traffic
  • Leveraging other people’s audiences
  • Creating a killer webinar
  • Building a profitable back end
  • Promote
  • Upsells and downsells
  • Rinse and repeat!

You’ll also hae an exercise with each section, so that by the time you’re done with the workbook, you’ll have a set plan!

The price is at a discount until Monday, January 25th. Don’t pay more if you don’t have to!

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