Free Webcast: Best Sellers Summit

Best Sellers Summit Free Webcast

I wanted to share a free event that’s going on Sunday night at 6pm Eastern.

It’s called “5 Lessons Learned After Selling 1.4 Million Books and eBooks”.

You’ll join content marketing expert, Alice Seba as she interviews New York Times best selling author, Ron Douglas about the lessons he learned after selling 1.4 million books and ebooks.

You’ll also get the inside scoop about their upcoming online event, Best Sellers Summit, where you’ll learn to grow your audience and sell more books and products, all from a lineup of 17 of the world’s top experts.

Even if you don’t have a book for sale (yet), you should make sure you keep your hour free on Sunday at 6pm, as you’ll learn a lot of tips on how to grow your audience in multiple ways.

Register for the Free Event Now!

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