Get Yanik Silver’s New Book at Cost ( Says it Will Change Your Entrepreneurial Life!)

Yanik Silver - Evolved Enterprise

You’ve probably heard of Yanik Silver before. He’s a very successful Entrepreneur, and has made millions online. He’s the one who ran the Underground Online event for 10 years before he recently retired it.

Well, he just released his new book, called “Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits”

If you’re interested in adding more impact, more meaning, and more profits to your business this year, then you should really check this book out.

The list price of the book is $19.95, but Yanik has committed to giving away 10,000 copies of the book (at his cost) to get the word out there.

The total of the book plus shipping will cost you $7.88. I hate when you think that the book is being “given away” completely, and then you end up having to pay something, so I wanted to let you know right now. It’s definitely a lot less than you’d pay if you went to the bookstore or Amazon to get it.

This book has been described as the first practical roadmap for building a highly profitable, socially conscious, and purpose driven company from the ‘inside out’.

…and a step by step guide for entrepreneurs who want to add more purpose, impact and meaning to what they do… while automatically (and inevitably) multiplying profits as a result!

Get your copy now, while he still has some in stock!

Just for getting the book get a chance to attend a dinner and exclusive beach party with Sir Richard Branson!

Get “Evolved Enterprise” Now!

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