Wish You Had Your Own 30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp to Help Others?

30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold have released a new product that you can use yourself, as well as use the content to create a digitial workshop or even an offline workshop!

It’s called “30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp”.

It includes an entire workshop with 4 training modules, 4 fast action plan worksheets and exercises, 4 program accelerator checklists, and 4 sets of PowerPoint slides.

In other words – everything you need to have a great workshop!

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, this will help you get it done in 30 days.

And if you’ve wanted to help others, this is a great way to do so! Don’t you think people would pay you to help them get their book done in just 30 days?!

If you decide you want it, you can buy just the one package, or you can become an “All Access Member”, and get access to even more great content from them, for less than the price of the one package!

Check the link below to see exactly what is included in the 30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp. I think you’ll be really impressed!

See What You Get With “30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp” Now!

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