Get Discover your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!

Discover Your Purpose

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold always have amazing quality PLR, so when I got the email saying they just released “Discover Your Purpose so You can Love Your Business and Your Life”, I had to buy it.

If you’re not 100% sure what you should be doing with your business, you need to get this. It’s a great workbook that asks you questions that will help you figure out what you want, and what will make you happy with your life.

Even though I enjoy my business, I plan on filling the workbook out too. Maybe I’ll learn something about myself that will make my business even more fun!

Since you also get PLR (Private Label Rights) to this workbook, you can make any changes you want, and sell it as your own.

The step by step workbook you’ll get is 20 pages, and it covers:

  • Your personal passion project: How to dream without limits
  • Keeping a journal: It’s not a diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time
  • Creating a journaling space that inspires creativity and frees your mind to dream
  • What others think: Your passions may be obvious to everyone else but you, so ask
  • Looking back. Discover your passion from the future
  • Get out of your office: Your passion is out there waiting to be discovered
  • Chase shiny objects: The possibilities truly are endless
  • Evaluation: Time to put it all together so you ca love your business and your life

Did I mention that it’s only $19 through Friday? Talk about a great price!

Don’t miss out on this. It can help you with your business, plus the PLR will let you help others as well!

Get “Discover Your Purpose” PLR Now!

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