Second Chance for Free Jimmy D. Brown Products (Through Tonight Only)

50 Ways to Increase Profit

Earlier this week, Jimmy D. Brown was nice enough to give all of us a second chance to get his 6 closeout specials that he had offered over the past 6 weeks.

Today, he’s giving us a second chance to get the “freemiums” that he gave away each Thursday over the past 6 weeks. That is 6, premium products that he’s just giving away, at no cost to us.

Here they are:

Week 1: Affiliate Blogging: 27 Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs At Your Blog

Week 2: How to earn an extra $100,000 per year with information products.

Week 3: 3 fill in the blank salesletter templates.

Week 4: “A+ Affiliate – 101 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Earning Bigger Commission Checks.”

Week 5: 158-page comprehensive, content-rich course

Week 6: “50 Ways to Increase Your Internet Business Profit in 60 Minutes or Less.”

Through midnight tonight, you can get each of the items for no cost – you don’t even have to sign up for a list. On each of the pages, you’ll also be able to get the closeout specials as well.

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