Second Chance to Get Jimmy D. Brown’s Closeout Specials!

Closeout Specials

I know that a lot of people missed out on Jimmy D. Brown’s closeout deals over the past 6 weeks.

I’ve heard from a few people who wanted to know if it was still possible to get one of the deals, and it turns out that Jimmy’s help desk has been flooded with requests for an extension.

So he decided to make all 6 closeout deals available from now until Thursday night.

You now have a second chance to get any or all of the 6 closeout deals that were previously offered.

Here they are:

Closeout Special 1: Five Jimmy D. Brown products for $20.00

Closeout Special 2: Buy One Module, Get Three Modules Free

Closeout Special 3: Two for One Premium Products

Closeout Special 4: Jimmy D. Brown’s $97 Course for just $37

Closeout Special 5: 50% off Coupon for any Seven PLR Offers

Closeout Special 6: 80% Off Super Deal on this “Kitchen Sink” Package

Again, you can get any of these packages now through midnight on Thursday night.

On Thursday, you’ll be hearing from me about getting a second chance at the freemiums as well!

This is the last chance. If you missed any of the above closeout specials and want a second chance, don’t wait. Check them out now!

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