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Internet Prophets Masterclass

Steve Olsher (author of the Business Technology Book of the Year, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online) recently sat down with Justin Livingston to record Module #4 of the Internet Prophets MasterClass — How To Create An Automated Webinar That Converts Prospects Into Buyers.

Justin is one of the world’s sharpest Internet Marketers and he shared the incredible tactics and strategies he and his business partner, Callan Rush, leverage to generate millions in passive, automated, set it and forget it revenue.

Among the myriad ‘holy crap’ tactics Justin revealed, two really blew Steve’s mind:

1) Have someone else intro you for your webinar. Their intro doesn’t have to be long — two to three minutes max — but the results are staggering. Just by incorporating this ONE tweak, their conversion rate has improved by double digits.

2) During your webinar, use so many slides you think your computer might break. In their 80 minute automated webinar, they use over 400 unbranded slides. What does unbranded mean? It means that you do NOT use the same background and footer on every slide. While counterintuitive, the mind is quick to wander and by using slides that are different every time, you are much more likely to hold the attendee’s attention. (They even throw in three of the ugliest slides you’ve ever seen — we’re talking mustard yellow with brown and other nastiness.)

These two strategies alone have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to their income. And these are just two of the dozens of strategies Justin shares that you can easily incorporate into your business… immediately!

And, this is exactly what the Internet Prophets MasterClass is all about: 8 of the world’s leading internet marketers sharing their ninja-like tactics in their specific area of expertise that you, too, can implement with ease.

None of this is rocket science. You just need to know what to do and HOW to do it… and, once you do, the effectiveness of your online efforts improves exponentially.

There is NO doubt that this training will massively impact the trajectory of your business… and your life. Steve created this course because he knows you have a mission and message to share and he wants you to be able to get paid WELL sharing it.

However, time is quickly running out to enroll…

Yes, you can continue to go at this on your own and waste your precious time, energy and resources trying to figure out what works… but why would you?

Your time is much more valuable than that and the world’s best will teach you the exact strategies they use to fuel their 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses.

But, in all seriousness, time is running out. The MasterClass is getting started soon and I do not want you to miss out on the opportunity to enroll.

And, if you sign up before midnight PST on April 15, you’ll receive 4 HUGE bonuses I know you’re going to love:

  1. Two VIP tickets to attend this year’s Internet Prophets LIVE! conference. It’s an AWESOME conference. (Value = $3,000!)
  2. Steve’s personal guidance throughout the course. (Value = Priceless!)
  3. A private get together for MasterClass students at Internet Prophets LIVE! (Value = $1,000)
  4. A ONE ON ONE 30-minute coaching session with Steve that can be conducted via Skype, by phone or in person. (Value = $500)

We’re talking over $4,500 in extra bonuses on top of the awesome bonuses that are already included when you enroll.

Don’t sleep on this. Don’t wait another year.

Get enrolled NOW!

Seriously, once the cart closes at midnight PST on Wednesday, April 15th, they won’t open enrollment again until 2016. Start creating the online revenue you know you deserve and desire. It all begins HERE.

Enroll in the Internet Prophets MasterClass Now!

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