Are You Making Money with Your Small List?

7k Email Hacks

A few days ago, I heard about Taylor Rizer, and how he made over $7,000 with just a few emails…and with a really small list.

When I’m talking about a small list – he sent these emails to under 500 people, and STILL made over $7,000 with one promotion.

I figured if he could do that with less than 500 people, I should be able to do even better with my larger list.

So I purchased $7k Email Hacks. I went through it already, and wanted to share what I thought.

First off, it’s nice and concise. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can go through it easily.

He gives you the EXACT email sequence he used to make the money. I think that’s awesome, as you don’t have to guess what he did. You’ll see exactly how he earned the money.

If you aren’t making money with your list – big or small – or you want to learn how you can easily make more, you really need to check this out:

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