CoachGlue – 10 Days of Deals (Day 1) – 30 Day Business Planning Workbook

30 Day Business Planning Workbook

Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean from CoachGlue are getting excited to announce the new look of their website.

Before they do though, they want to clean up their site…and that means getting rid of a lot of what’s already there.

So for the next 10 days, they’re going to have 10 days of deals where you can get a great deal on some of their products!

Today you can get $5 off of the 30 Day Business Planning Workbook when you use code DOTD1.

It includes:

  • Step by Step Workbook:
    • Step 1: Reclaiming Clarity
    • Step 2: Taking Inventory of your Business
    • Step 3: What and How to Purge
    • Step 4: Create a Master Business Manual
    • Step 5: Simplify Further
    • Step 6: Update How You do Things
    • Step 7: Keeping on Top of Your Business—and Leading the Way
  • 4-page checklist to help your clients stay on track with your training
  • All of the content in .doc format so you can customize it as much or as little as you’d like.

Remember..this deal is good today only…so don’t miss out!

You’ll get all of the above for just $12 with coupon DOTD1:

Get the 30 Day Business Planning Workbook Now!

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