Free Training: 9 Amazon Secret Weapons

9 Amazon Secret Weapons

Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes are holding a rather unique free workshop for you, tomorrow, December 5th.

It’s a closed doors, inner circle, private workshop and it’s ONLY for people who need the “raw truth” about Kindle publishing.

You’ll learn why so many people fail on Amazon, how to score #1 best-sellers, how to get 3x royalties, and more.

This is private and limited…

They don’t want the wrong people to see it, so you have to PROMISE not to share any of their information.

Here’s a small sample of what they’re going to finally reveal:

  • How to make your book title completely irresistible, and force it to show up on page 1 (it works for any keyword)
  • How to blast your Kindle book to a #1 Bestseller (just 48 hours after you publish it.)
  • How to get thousands of Kindle downloads in 24 hours flat (then enjoy a flood of 5-star reviews)
  • How to perfectly format your book for Amazon AND get a super professional, “eye candy” cover for under $10.
  • And much, much more!

This is IMPORTANT! There are only 1,000 spots available for this training, and hundreds of those seats have already been taken by SERIOUS people, hungry get into Kindle!

Here’s the workshop registration:

Learn the 9 Amazon Secret Weapons!

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