The Launch Bible – People Paid $6,000 for This?

The Launch Bible

Here are questions people have been asking about Alex Jeffreys:

  • “Did people really pay $6,000 for a 2-page checklist?”
  • “Does Alex Jeffreys really make $10k+ per week?”
  • “Is this Product Launch Bible the real deal?”

I’ve got answers for you:

“Yes.” “Yes.” “Yes.”

I know Alex Jeffreys. I trust Alex Jeffreys. And I’ve done my homework on this one. So there’s no question in my mind. Not one ounce of skepticism.

Which is a remarkable thing to say – because when it comes to anything online I always want to see proof to make sure that it’s real.

Alex does prove it…over and over again. He proves it more than almost anyone in this business. If you haven’t done it yet, you’d better check it out now.

The launch is almost over.

Once it’s gone, we might never see it again at this price. So unless you’re ready to pay $6,000 to attend one of Alex’s VIP seminars – do not let this slip you by.

You’ve been warned.

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