ScriptDoll – Can You Write Great Copy?


How do you write a great piece of copy that your customers can’t resist?

No matter what you may think, it actually has little to do with your writing skills and grammar knowledge.

Writing sales material is all about knowing people.

Knowing their buzz words, and what moves them to take action.

(So if you’ve ever misplaced a comma, or didn’t use a semi-colon, don’t sweat it.)

And getting people (especially your customers) to take action is actually much easier than you think.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology or an extensive writing background.

What do you need to appeal to your audience and convert higher?

You have to acquaint yourself with your market. What lights their fire? What’s driving them insane? Where do they wish they were?

Ask yourself these questions every time before you write.

You’ll notice a huge shift in your response rates.

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