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Udimi Solo Ads

If you’ve been curious about buying solo ads, but don’t know where to get them from reputable people, you’re going to love Udimi.

I used to belong to a company called Safe-Swaps, and over the summer they split into 2 pieces, with the solo ads
moving over to a website called Udimi.

This was a WONDERFUL thing.

Why? Because Safe-Swaps has a monthly fee (even if you don’t buy any solo ads that month!) and Udimi is completely free to join. You only pay for the solo ads themselves.

If you’re wondering how Udimi can be free and exist, it”s because they charge a tiny commission to cover their own PayPal fees. So you don’t have to worry that because you’re not paying a monthly fee that you’ll have other issues or that it’s not a great system.

I’ve been using the company overall for a few years now, and have been using it as Udimi since July, and have had some great results.

In the past few months, I’ve purchased solo ads from 5 different people through Udimi, and believe it or not, got about a 50% opt-in rate for all but one. I also made sales during the one time offer I had after the person opted in and got the free report, so I was happy.

I know a lot of people are worried about signing up for a membership site for solo ads, not wanting to pay because they don’t know how often they’ll use the solo ads.

With Udimi, since there is no fee to join, you can sign up and start looking at options right away. If you’re ready to buy your solo ads – I strongly recommend it, since you’ll be growing your list.

If on the other hand you’re not ready, signing up for a free account will let you take a look at what your options are, and then you’ll be all set when you are ready to buy your first solo ad.

I’ve also found that I almost always get more clicks than I paid for. It’s true…the sellers are awesome and almost always over deliver. That’s just one more reason I like using Udimi for my solo ads needs.

Growing my list is something that has helped my business, and one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so is with solo ads. I strongly recommend Udimi, and will continue using them myself.

If you’re looking to buy solo ads, get your free account now:

Sign up for a Free Udimi Account Now!

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