The Machine is Closing Soon

Ryan Deiss - The Machine

This has been an amazing run…but it’s coming to an end and Ryan Deiss is shutting it down.

Why is he closing it down?

Because it WORKED!

In less than 5 days, Ryan’s almost hit the max number of new students he’s able to take on and help build out their Machine using his proven campaigns at one time.

Machine members are ALREADY jumping in and getting FULL support from the private Facebook group, setting up their Machines and launching their campaigns!

But all good things must end and he must CLOSE the coaching program now before it gets to an unmanageable number, so, I wanted to give you fair warning.

I’m not sure when he’ll re-open again – but I do know that it will stay closed at least until this class is complete and the students that got in have launched their own Machine campaigns (that’s going to be AT LEAST 12 weeks from now.)

But you don’t have to wait if join him right now and become part of something truly amazing:

By the way, a lot of people have been asking if the “Machine” coaching program will work for their business.

My answer is an extremely confident YES.

They’ve successfully applied the Machine to everything from high-end consulting businesses, done-4-you service businesses, software businesses, eCommerce businesses, information publishing businesses and even the commercial water filter manufacturing business (it doesn’t get more boring – or further from the “IM business” than that).

If that’s not proof enough, then you need to hear what their Machine BETA members had to say about the Machine:

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