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It recently came to some very intelligent Internet Marketers that we’ve all been wasting our time, effort and money!

You’re wondering how?

We never really think about it. As we believe there’s only ONE way to do things when it comes down to WordPress.

Well, I’ve found out that this is NOT true at all.

There’s a way to set up your blogs lightening-fast while backing up your sites settings and plugins for future use if the worst should happen.

These guys have released an amazing WordPress Plugin that boasts an MASSIVE amount of cool, useful features:

Main Features:

  • Setup your about us, contact us, legal pages, blog settings, floating bar and favicon in just a few clicks.
  • Import WP Settings and WP Plugins from the other sites.
  • Export WP Settings and WP Plugins from your site.
  • Install and manage multiple plugins at once.

Blog Settings:

  • Change default category from “uncategorized” to user specified text
  • Add up to 5 additional categories
  • Change permalink structure to custom structure
  • Delete default “hello world” post and default comment and sample page
  • Change default tagline from “just another WordPress blog” to custom user specified tagline
  • Delete all links in Blogroll
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Create Google XML Sitemap for the blog

This also saves you a ton of time having to learn the difficult, time-consuming methods that this plugin does in milliseconds.

There’s some great bonuses for taking action so make sure you’re taking advantage of this.

The price is rising too. So get it now while the price is at its lowest!

Get WPHyperShift Now!

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