PressPlay – Get More Sales with Great Looking Video Sales Letters


Have you ever wanted to create state of the art video sales letters with all the best features?

You know, the ones that have all the bells and whistles…cool features like:

  • Opt-in overlay features that can increase leads by 400% in one day!
  • Call to actions directly within a video, as well as on the salespage (all based on the visitors’ engagement level).
  • Customized “resume where the viewer left off” options
  • Save thousands in video hosting fees.

Well, now you can.

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen have been working on this for a long time.

These guys are some of the most respected marketers in the digital app for IM niche.

They spend HOURS every day just testing and tweaking videos and sales pages to see what works best.

It’s no surprise they’ve had launches that have sold over $300,000. It’s some of the best out of anyone in their niche!

What Mark and Matt found is that it’s often the “little things” that make the biggest difference with video sales letters.

These features make for an easier viewing experience. They’ve also been shown in THOUSANDS of split tests to improve conversions dramatically.

Now Matt and Mark are giving these features to you.

PressPlay is a new VSL and landing page app designed by Mark and Matt to help you create VSLs, even if you have no experience with any of the video sales letter process.

It’s easy and intuitive.

It also comes complete with conversion-boosting “smart video features” like:

  • Show/hide control. This gives you full control over whether the play/pause buttons appear on screen or not.
  • Resume playback. This lets you start your video where the viewer left off the last time they watched it.
  • Auto-pause. This pauses the automatically when the viewer switches to a new tab or browser.
  • Timed opt-in overlay. This displays an opt in form ON SCREEN after a set amount of time.
  • Call to action buttons. Displays “buy” buttons ON SCREEN after a set amount of time.
  • Share gate. An optional feature that requires the viewer share the video before watching it (perfect for creating viral traffic).

These features combine to create an easy viewing experience that draws customers in and keeps them hooked until the sale.

There are other video providers charging thousands of dollars a month for features like these. Follow the link below to get them at the best price anywhere.

Get PressPlay Now!

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