PressPlay – Quadruple Your Sales with Eye Popping Video Sales Letters


If you’re struggling to get sales, or even free leads, then you NEED to see this.

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen just released this. These are the guys behind some really big launches, such as Rank Recon, AuthoritySpy and Webinar Ignition.

They said they found a way for marketers with NO writing, design or video editing skills to create gorgeous high-converting video sales letters (VSLs). I didn’t believe it at first but all I have to say is wow!

With PressPlay, you’ll be able to create “Smart Videos” along with the sales pages…and doing that is proven to increase conversions by 400%. Check out the proof at the link below.

What do I mean by “Smart Videos”? Being able to do cool things like:

  • Timed opt-in overlay within a video
  • Time call to action buttons within a video
  • Hiding controls
  • Starting a video at the exact place the visitor left off (if they leave your page and return, the video will restart where they last viewed it)
  • Integrated scarcity features
  • Integrated urgency features (shown to increase sales conversions by nearly 150%)

So not only does this thing create FULL video salespages, you can create smart videos and embed those individual videos directly onto any page – yes, any page!

I was reading an article recently that said that the average VSL converts at 12% (that’s for paid sales, not just free signups!), while a “text only sales page” converts at around .5% to 2%.

That’s a 400% advantage for VSLs!

Even if you’ve NEVER written copy in your life you can now create high-converting VSLs on autopilot.

Your sales may double, triple, or even quadruple overnight.

Did I mention that PressPlay also includes templates for squeeze pages and landing pages? This is an all-in-one marketing machine!

Get PressPlay Now!

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