FunnelVision – New Dr. Ben Adkins Training


You’re probably used to spending money in order to build your mailing list, right?

So the idea of getting paid every time a new subscriber opts-in sound a bit crazy, doesn’t it?

So you see this, you might be pretty shocked.

That’s not even the coolest part.

(I know. What could be cooler than earning money per opt-in?)

I love how transparent this guy is. His name is Dr. Ben Adkins.

Unlike 99% of experts who put out products, expecting you to pay for more information (or just hog the good tidbits to themselves), Dr. Ben puts it all out on the table.

So by the end, you know everything you need to get started. And even if you feel something’s missing, Dr. Ben is totally cool when it comes to answering your questions. I’ve never seen someone who is so approachable!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn with FunnelVision:

  • The Magic Optin Page – The exact optin page Ben uses to get leads every day with cold Facebook traffic.
  • The Low to Mid Ticket Upsell – You’ll learn exactly how to get someone who just bought a low priced product from you to buy a higher price product.
  • The “$75k Freebie” Case Study – How Ben turned a free webinar into over $75,000 in sales, without pitching anything at the end.
  • Live FunnelVision Immersion Session – He wants to make sure you’ll have everything you need, so he’ll take all of your questions about building your first, automated evergreen funnel on a live bonus call.
  • …and more!

Get FunnelVision Now!

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