Easy Header Wizard – Software to Create Website Headers Easily

We all know that our websites header image is super important. It’s the first thing visitors see when they land on our websites and has a huge effect on whether they stick around or not.

For a long time getting a great looking website header meant either hiring an expensive designer and hoping they deliver what you wanted, or trying to do it yourself. If you’re a graphics designer that’s great…but for most of us, that is hard to do.

That is until now.

Noel Cunningham just released software that allows anyone to create professional quality website headers and tons of other graphics for your site in seconds.

It’s called Easy Header Wizard.

This software is truly “point and click” simple and can turn anyone, no matter how little experience they have into a design pro.

Take a look at just some of these features it comes with:

  • Point & Click Website Header Creator
  • Hundreds of In-Built Graphics
  • 100% Online Software so it’s Mac & PC Compatible
  • Save & Reload Projects in a Flash
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo History
  • Upload your Own Images

Not only is the software great, but it also comes with 50+ ready made templates that you can use right now.

Just select a template, change the details to match your business, and you’re done!

Make sure you check out the demo video to see how simple it is.

Full training videos are provided, but the software is so easy to use you may not even need them.

And the software creator Noel is renowned for having an excellent support team so you know help is at hand should you need it.

Get Easy Header Wizard Now!

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