Traffic and Leads Training Academy – New Modules Just Added

Traffic and Leads Training Academy

Time is running out for Jeff Johnson’s Traffic and Leads Training Academy, so I wanted to list everything out as to what you’ll get when you join.

As you’ll see, you’ll get an insane amount of traffic-getting, list building, and “get more customers” training as part of your regular Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ membership.

Plus you get a ton of cool free stuff as part of Jeff’s grand opening sale.

However, it all ends tomorrow (or sooner depending on when you read this post.)

So I thought I’d post “quick recap” of everything you get when you join Jeff’s Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ before his sale ends tomorrow (or sooner).

Here Are Your “Get Results, Fast!” Training Modules:

  • Module 1: Traffic-Getting and List Building Quick Start
  • Module 2: SEO Supercharged Traffic-Getting Blogs
  • Module 3: Turning Traffic Into Leads!
  • Module 4: The Right Way To Leverage The Viral Marketing Power Of Social Media To Build Your Brand, Your List, And Your Business.
  • Module 5: YouTube Marketing Master Class
  • Module 6: Dirt-Cheap Traffic That Converts Into Leads And Customers…For As Little As A Penny Per Click!
  • Module 7: Turning Leads Into Money!

Plus Your Additional Bonus Training Modules and Courses:

  • Module 8: How To Write Million Dollar Copy That Converts Traffic Into Leads, and Leads Into Money!

If that wasn’t enough, here are more that were just added.

These bonus training modules are so new that Jeff hasn’t had the time to add descriptions for them to the sales letter yet, he’ll try to before they close, but either way… he’ll be sure to hook you up with them a part
of your membership when you join before they close tomorrow (or sooner).

  • Module 9: eCommerce SEO For Amazon, eBay, Websites And Blogs
  • Module 10: Creating Your Very Own Info-Products The Quick And Easy Way.
  • Module 11: How to Create A Product Launch Feeding-Frenzy!

On top of all of your step-by-step training…

You also get dozens of PDF cheat sheets, action plans, swipe files, and “fill in the blank” templates to make your job even easier, and much, much faster!

But that’s not all…

When you join during their Grand Opening Sale, you’ll also get…

Grand Opening Bonus Package:

  1. You get Upgraded to Lifetime Access* to the Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ Private Membership Site.
  2. You get Upgraded to Lifetime Access* for the “Personal-Expert” Support Forums inside Traffic And Leads Training Academy™
  3. Free Lifetime Access* To Jeff’s Tube Traffic Secrets™ 2.0 Training Program. (People are currently paying $1,191.00 to join TTS 2.0, but you don’t have to, he’ll flat-out give it to you for free as part of this special offer)
  4. Free copy of Camtasia Studio 8* (or the Mac version, your choice) (Camtasia sells everywhere including for $299.00, but he’ll buy you a copy as part of your membership and this special offer)
  5. $500.00 Discount off their regular price (special introductory pricing.)
  6. Free Ticket to the Traffic And Leads Training Academy™ Live Event (Tickets will be sold later for $1,997.00)
  7. Total Grand Opening Bonus Package = $7,987.00

    The way I see it you have two choices:

    You can either choose to do nothing, in which case you’ll miss out on what will easily be one of the best training programs you’ll ever have the chance to join…especially at this cheap of a price.

    And you can simply continue doing whatever it is you are currently doing to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers.

    Or you can choose to take advantage of this insanely generous offer before the grand opening sale ends tomorrow (or sooner), and…

    Jeff will hook you up with everything we talked about here plus so much more that you won’t be sorry for joining – Jeff guarantees it!

    You get all of it and more for as little as $397 today.

    So if you’d like to learn dozens of new ways to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers, then you had better hurry and grab your seat right now, while you still can because the grand opening sale ends tomorrow, or

    Join the Traffic and Leads Training Academy Now!

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