2014 Earn1KaDay Seminar Notes – Free Book!

2014 Earn1KaDay Seminar Free Book

Last month, Dennis Becker put on an amazing event called the Earn1KaDay Seminar out in Las Vegas. I know I’ve mentioned it, and heard great things about it.

He released the audios a few weeks ago for just $17, where you can hear every session that went on during the event. I thought that was an amazing price considering what people paid to go to the event in person.

But now he’s doing something that’s just crazy, and I wanted to share it with you.

Right now you can get the notes from the Earn1KaDay seminar for free!

It’s called, “What Happens in Vegas…Changes Everything!”

I already downloaded it, and have gone through the notes of the first few sessions. Later on today, I’ll be going through more of them.

I was unable to make the live event, but between the recordings and this book, I am definitely going to learn a lot.

Here are just some of the thing you’ll learn:

  • Matson Magleby’s journey from zero to $150,000 a month with Amazon FBA, and how he got there in less than a year.
  • Nicole Dean’s attitude for a profitable and happy you.
  • Connie Ragen Green’s advice on keeping it simple.
  • Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum’s advice on how to achieve continued and sustainable IM success.
  • Jeanette Cates shares the 10 myths of book publishing that are costing you money.
  • …and more.

There are 10 sessions, as well as 2 additional panels that took place, and the notes cover all of them.

So while you can, make sure you get your free copy of “What Happens in Vegas…Changes Everything!”:

Get Your Free Book Now!

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