Little Monthly Payments – Start Your Own Micro Continuity Site!

Little Monthly Payments

Kelly McCausey just released a new product called Little Monthly Payments.

If you have a membership site, you can make money month after month and you only have to “work” to get the sale once. Automatically, the person will be recharged each month until they cancel.

The problem is, the higher the price, the less likely someone will want to commit to a monthly charge, no matter how great the product is.

But with small monthly payments, it’s a lot easier for people to commit to getting charged each month, since it’s such a small cost.

In Little Monthly Payments, Kelly will teach you how you can increase your passive income with a minimum amount of work.

You’ll learn how to come up with ideas for micro-continuity membership sites, create them, and get some ideas on how to model the whole thing.

If you’re thinking right now, “Why would I want to sell something for $5 or $10 dollars?” just think…with that low of a price point, what if you had 500 of those coming in each month?

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, check it out:

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