Did You See This Cool Video WordPress Theme?

Mark Dulisse - Video Effects Press WP Theme

What’s the hottest video trend so far in 2014? FULL SCREEN Video Background landing pages.

Paypal, Wetransfer, and hundreds of other big companies are framing their sales pages, checkout pages, and SQUEEZE pages with dramatic videos and still images.

Why? Because it relaxes the website visitor, or conveys a message, or more importantly puts them in a BUYING mood.

BUT…software to create the effect has been vey restrictive, “for the rest of us” until now.

Mark Dulisse has packaged up the most visual module of his Salespress Pro 2 WordPress theme, and has made it ultra simple to not only create video backgrounds for virtually ANY foreground element, but is throwing in some of the most head-turning, jaw dropping videos that work with the software right out of the box.

The price is unbelievable, and in fact, there’s a “Developer’s License” option for just a few dollars more that will let you stun (and charge) your clients when you make THEIR business pages look great.

This is an introductory price only, which will be moving up in just hours. Be one of the few charter members to grab the most VISUAL WordPress Theme released to date, right here:

Get Video Effects Press Now!

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