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Local SEO can be very confusing for most people. You’re left to figure out what ranks a local website as opposed to a Google Places listing.

Google requires a lot from you to rank high on Google Places. This includes citations, reviews, back links, videos, images, etc.

Then for local SEO you have to make sure you cover fresh content, backlinks, social media mentions, comments and more.

Ranking video if you don’t know how can be even worse.

Here is what your Google Places page needs to rank:

1. At least 5 pictures and 1 video
2. Citations
3. Reviews
4. Lots of Content

A Google citation is a mention on another website that lists your name, address, and phone number.

The opportunity to capitalize on local search is now!

Dominate local search with an army of sites ranking within days of registering your exact-match domain.

Find keywords that have a decent amount of traffic on them, secure the exact match domain, through a few back links at it and BOOM you have a 1st page listing. Now imagine doing this on 50 sites.

How do you make money when these sites rank you ask?

  • Rent them out to local SEO clients
  • Get your current offline clients ranked for more keywords
  • Collect the leads to sale to business owners
  • Put ads on the sites for continued revenue
  • Place affiliate promotions

You can watch the demo at the link below.

Local Avenger powerhouse tools automate all of this for you. Starting with:

1. Local Keyword Avenger

Automatically get niche/keyword suggestions so you can spot local keyword opportunities.

Consider it an easy way to siphon free traffic from Google, one local website at a time. You can even find out if social usernames on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are available. The Google update puts weight on these social sites.

2. Places Avenger

Enter your local keyword term and see why/how your competitors are ranking on the front page of Google Places. You can download their back links and list of citations so you know exactly why they’re ranking.

You’ll also be able to find businesses who haven’t claimed their Google Places page. You can send them an email to see if they would like to get verified and start receiving more business!

3. Local Video Avenger

This is an add-on tool to help those who are using YouTube videos to get on the 1st page of Google for local keywords.

This is a popular method that is raking in HUGE cash for those that are taking advantage of it.

Take a look at the 3 tools in action here:

Check Out Local Avenger Now!

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