New: Free to Fee System by Jimmy D. Brown

Jimmy D Brown - Free To Fee System

Jimmy D. Brown just released a new course, and I think you should take a look at it.

It’s called the Free to Fee System, and if you’re frustrated at not getting as many sales as you’d like, this system will show you a free way to get more sales.

Jimmy talks in his sales letter about how when he goes to the grocery store, he loves to try the samples of different foods they have out.

He also shows that it’s a great way to make more sales. If you try something and love it, you’re going to want to buy it.

So you need to do more than just give out free content…but need to give free content that convinces people to buy what you’re selling.

The Free to Fee System will show you how to create better free samples, so that people will want to go to your sales pages and buy what you’re selling.

The course is a 2 hour video presentation, and can be broken down into 5 sections:

  1. The Ultimate Strategy
  2. Seven Proven Effective Models
  3. The Complete Step-by-Step System
  4. The Standard Formula Jimmy D. Brown Uses
  5. Effective Next Level Tactics

Just in case you get stuck at all…Jimmy is offering 3 email coaching questions to your order for FREE.

He normally charges up to $497 for a week of email coaching…so this is an awesome thing he’s throwing in.

If you want to learn how to use your free content better in order to sell your products…

Get the Free to Fee System Now!

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