Reminder: Paul Evans Training Today on Slaying Your Giant Goals

Paul Evans - Five Stones

I posted about this just a few days ago…but since it’s happening this afternoon, I wanted to make sure you read this.

This afternoon, Paul Evans is doing a live training on slaying your giant goals.

If you’ve made your goals for the new year, that’s great.

But are you sure you’ll be able to accomplish all of them?

Paul will teach you about the 5 stones that you need in order to make sure you achieve your goals.

He really wants to make sure that you start the year off right, so he’s only charging $10 for the training.

It’s being recorded, so if you can’t make it live, that’s not a problem. As soon as it’s finished, you’ll be able to watch it.

Think about it though. If you determine what your goals are, and even create a plan for them, that’s only 2 of the 5 stones you need.

What are you missing?

Don’t miss out. Start 2014 the right way, and achieve your goals!

Learn How to Slay Your Giant Goals!

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