Want a Free Ticket to Underground 10?

Yanik Silver - Free Underground 10 Ticket

Want a free ticket to go to Yanik Silver’s Underground 10 in 2014?

If so, go to the link below, and watch the short video.

You’ll get to see how the Underground seminar got started, and some behind the scenes stuff like Yanik’s best memories, etc.

Once you’ve watched the video…all you have to do is add a comment to the post, either talking about your best memory from a previous Underground Online Seminar event if you’ve been, or what you think your biggest memory would be if you did go.

That’s it. Do that, and you’ll get a chance to win a free ticket!

You have until November 25th, and then on Thanksgiving, Yanik will pick a winner, and that person will get a free ticket to Underground 10 in New Orleans in 2014!

Good luck!

Enter to Win a Free Ticket to Underground 10!

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