Who’s Speaking at Underground 2014 in New Orleans?

Yanik Silver - Underground 10

For the last 9 years, some of the biggest players in the online space, digital trendsetters, and out-of-the-box Internet innovators from around the globe gather in one place.

This is your invitation to attend but this is Positively NOT For Everybody.

This seminar is NOT cheap. Yes, this actually helps consistently draw an extremely high caliber of entrepreneurs, which has led this seminar to become known as one of the best networking events for entrepreneurs in the world!

This truly makes Underground one of THE most exciting & exclusive learning, networking and “deal making” events of the year.

Successful entrepreneurs like you come together for 3 intense days to share and learn the most advanced online business strategies and tactics enabling them to outsmart the competition, maximize growth and be well ahead of the technology curve.

It’s become one of the top networking and learning events for online entrepreneurs and was named by Forbes as a “Top 10 event for entrepreneurs”.

It has been so successful, every single Underground has sold-out because of the buzz and reputation of this event being THE place for networking and learning.

Space is limited to just 500 seats (75 full clearance):

It’s all going on February 20 – 22, 2014 in an undisclosed location in New Orleans! Next year might seem too far away to even think about but you really don’t want to miss out.

Especially since Yanik Silver has finally started naming some of the people who will be speaking at the next event!

This is the list of speakers so far who will be at Underground 10. Remember, Yanik will be telling us about the rest of them as time goes on:

  • AJ Roberts, Clay Collins, Matthew Monahan,
  • Alex Ikonn, Ryan Allis, Matt Clark,
  • Frank McKinney, Clay Hebert, Jeff Walker

As you probably noticed, some of these guys have spoken at past Underground events, while others are completely new. So you’re guaranteed to learn quite a lot!

Listen, this is definitely NOT the same “Usual Suspects” you see speaking everywhere else. In fact, I’m sure you’ve never heard of some of these “doers” who are coming to break their silence.

Collectively and conservatively these “underground” men and women bring in millions online per year. If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge – what would that be worth to you?

Don’t wait and lose your spot:

Get Your Tickets to Underground 10 Now!

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