Hangout Domination – Make Money with Google Hangouts

Hangout Domination

Laura Betterly just released Hangout Domination, and if you want to get in on “the next big thing” in Internet Marketing, now is your chance.

Do you want to have a profitable business?

Here are 3 things you need to run a profitable business.

1. You need a product (either your own, or something to promote as an affiliate.)
2. You need traffic.
3. You need to have a selling system set up that’s easy to run and makes sales like clockwork whenever you want.

Laura wanted a system that:

– Could be set up multiple times, to build a list, and automate the process to that she could get commissions hands free, whether she chose to work or not.
– Would help anyone who used it become a respected authority in their niche.
– She also wanted to be one of the first to use this new system before copycat marketers tried to do the same.

This is that system…it is the next big thing to hit the Internet Marketing industry.

With webinars, only about 30% of people who register, actually show up.

When this new system was tested, 1,000 people registered, and 3,000 showed up!

You’ll be able to get your replays indexed in Google, so you can get even more people to see what you have to say and buy your product after the fact.

If you haven’t guessed yet, this is about using Google Hangouts.

Everything from Laura’s system came from trial and error…and you can learn from her mistakes.

Dominate any market you choose and knock out the competition using this system.

What’s more:

– You don’t need a big list or any list at all.
– You don’t need to have your own products.
– You don’t need to be a tech geek, it’s easy to set up.
– You don’t need to be a “salesman”.
– You don’t even have to be live on camera if you don’t want to.

Here’s what you get:

– Over 30 no fluff training videos and cheat sheets showing you everything you need to make Hangout cash step by step.

Laura will go through a special checklist to make sure you’re ready to rock.

Once you’re set up, then she’ll guide ot through inviting your guests and getting optins to build your list.

She’ll even show you her best “classified” traffic getting strategies so you can get more people on your Hangouts than you can imagine.

How to format your hangout (live on camera or prepare a simple presentation).

Discover Laura’s “secret hangout sauce” to maximizing your sales and her 8 little tricks that make it work like gangbusters.

Learn her favorite hangout apps and plugins that save a bunch of time and help you automate your work.

How to get free traffic funneling to your page, building your list.

You’ll also get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: Laura’s Hangout Builder WordPress Plugin (value $495)
Bonus 2: The Hangout Affiliate Blueprint (value $495)
Bonus 3: Laura’s Secret Stash of Traffic (value $495)
Bonus 4: AudienceMakr (Laura’s Facebook secret weapon) (value $495)

Learn how to succeed with Google Hangout:

Get Hangout Domination Now!

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