Ed Dale Video: iPad & iPhone Profits by Real People

Ed Dale - Their Own Words

Here’s a new all content video that Ed Dale – who along with 350+ students, was able to generate over 1,000,000 customers in only 11 days with NO paid advertising whatsoever – has been looking forward to creating for a very long time.

You’re going to watch publishers, who are regular PEOPLE just like you, share their experiences on Apple’s Newsstand.

*Remember, you don’t need to have an iPad, iPhone, indeed any Apple device at all to publish on Apple’s Newsstand as you will see in today’s video*

Watch and listen to these publishers tell their stories and share their results.

Remember to ask any questions and let him know what you think about the publishers’ stories under the video.

One more thing: Below the video they have a new PDF report with 117 of their Digital Publishing Blueprint Pilot Program Participants (try saying that fast) giving you FREE 3-month trial subscriptions with no catches to their digital magazines.

When have you ever seen any program say, not only are there 117 case studies, but you can also try each and every one of their digital magazines for free… just because they want you to see its REAL.

This is very cool.

Quite a few of Ed’s publishers did not own **any** Apple device – you don’t need to own the printing press to publish a book – same deal here.

At the same time, though, to take advantage of the 117 freebies (because they’re on Apple’s Newsstand) you would need an iPhone, iPod, or iPad… but either way… you can still see the incredible variety of publications.

Watch the Video Now!

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