PulseHover – A Unique Way to Grab Attention And Encourage People to Take Action


There’s a brand new WordPress plugin that’s going to boost your Amazon sales right away.

We all know that relying solely on Google for bringing traffic is now a naive and costly expectation.

So what else are we to do?

By interrupting your visitors viewing and placing an attractive call to action right in front of them, you’re using the power of social sharing!

And social sharing, viral marketing strategies are now the ‘hot topic’ that every product designer and creator is jumping on to help YOU get a handle on this important traffic boosting method.

The creators of this spectacular plugin are already well known and respected for their design abilities and their customer support.

You can be assured this plugin is good quality and will be improved.

They’ve taken the time to cater to many marketing niches and I was thrilled to see Amazon buttons being added right off the bat.

What this plugin will do for your business is easy to see when you check out what it does and how great it looks.

Amazon review sites are typically full of attractive images of the products your promoting, so take a look now and you’ll see how in minutes you can have your site updated with the latest in social sharing options that take those images and turn them into profit boosters!

Check Out PulseHover Now!

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