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Yanik Silver - Ultimate Copywriting Course

I’m sure you know that copywriting is important.

The power of writing words on paper or on the computer screen and getting people to send you money (sometimes lots and lots of money) is incredible. Of course, you know sales copy is important and I bet you even have a few resources on the subject.

Trust me, I’ve seen, read and studied just about everything under the sun when it comes to copywriting and I really didn’t think there could be anything new out there.

But I was wrong!

Yanik Silver has just updated his Ultimate ‘At-Home’ Internet Copywriting Workshop and I’m stunned. I know that might sound like I’m being over the top – but this package is truly incredible.

Here’s why…

First off, the physical package is massive, thank goodness he only offers the digital version now. I’m talking over 30 lbs. 3 huge 3-ring binders, 12 DVDs, and a pile of CDs and extras. I’d estimate at least 1400 written pages of material. Good thing you don’t have to worry about that now!

But it’s not just bulk. He’s actually made my life easy because now whenever you want to sit down and write a kick-butt email, ad or sales letter – you can just navigate right to the section you need.

Everything is searchable so you can quickly and easily find ‘swipe files’ for any sales copy you need.  It feels like cheating! He’s put examples of every single thing you’d need for your Internet business (emails, pops, endorsements, web sites, headlines, guarantees, PPC ads, etc).

It doesn’t matter if you have your own product, sell other people’s product as an affiliate or whatever business you’re in – copywriting is by far the #1 skill you need to create more sales, more profits and more of just anything you ever want…simply using a pen or your keyboard.

Check out the Ultimate ‘At-Home’ Internet Copywriting Workshop now:

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