Covert Store Builder – Last Chance!

Covert Store Builder

Have you grabbed your copy of Covert Store Builder yet?

If you’ve already picked it all up – great! I got mine last weekend, and have been enjoying using it already. I’ve already gotten some traffic to a new site with it!

If you haven’t gotten it yet, your last chance link is below.

At 11:59pm tonight, Covert Store Builder will be taken down – and if you’re too late you WILL be greeted with a “Sold Out” page!

You see the guys behind it have always planned to launch this on Clickbank to a bigger audience.

And in preparation for that, they are taking the offer down to do some tweaks to it – and to focus on support for current members.

I’m not sure when Covert Store Builder will be available again… But when it returns the price will be much higher than it is today – $67 or more – and I have that straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

So if you have been on the fence about Covert Store Builder – now is the time to take action!

Otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself when you come back tomorrow and see the “Sold Out” sign… and even more so when it opens up again at a much higher price.

The good news… Covert Store Builder is still available and the discounted price is valid – until the count down at the top of the page hits zero!

Why pay more later – when you can grab it at the discounted price now?

Get the Covert Store Builder Theme Now!

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