Google Hangout Plugin for SEO Benefits?

Hangout Plugin - Run Webinars From WordPress

Before I say anything else, I wanted to let you know that tonight at midnight, the price is going to go up.

This new Hangout Plugin may appear at first to have nothing to do with SEO…

But – Believe me. It REALLY does.

It is different.
It is unique.

We all know that YouTube videos and channels rank incredibly well.

And Google Hangouts combined with Youtube videos are getting serious attention right now.

Big name marketers have started using hangouts as a massive way of reaching their audiences and are exploding their bottom line in the process.

SEO is a changing game. But one thing stays constant, and that is the provision that high quality content always wins.

Hangouts are gathering momentum.

This plugin (also combined with the AWESOME bonus software for ranking them) will have your hangouts and channels boosting your rank FAST.

And if there has ever been an urgency around an SEO technique – it’s now.

Not because any ‘loophole’ is closing. Just the opposite actually.

Google is growing the hangout system in a major way…

And here is the KICKER.

ONLY now, for launch – This plugin will offer UNLIMITED seats, UNLIMITED events and unlimited sites – for one incredibly low fee.

After this launch special is gone – the plugin is going up to it’s commercial pricing – with ongoing monthly fees.


Seriously – the power of this system is incredible. Start looking into hangouts now (if you aren’t already) and notice how channels and rankings really kick in.

Grab it FAST while the launch special is on – you will be EXTREMELY glad when you do.

Get the Hangout Plugin Now!

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