Video Fire Sale from Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, and Paul Counts

Video Fire Sale

Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, and Paul Counts consider themselves the “real guys” of Internet Marketing.

They’re sick of all of the “fakeness” in the Internet Marketing industry, and to do that, they’re having an incredible firesale now through May 14th.

You’ll get resell rights to not 1, but 10 different video products. You can then sell them, and keep all of the money you make.

The main course you will get is called The IM Tech Training 2.0 course, will includes 60 step by step training videos showing you the technical side of building an online business.

Think people would like to buy a 60 video course showing them how to do all the “tech” stuff for their business? Of course!

The cool part is that’s just >1< of the products.

Here are all of the products you’ll get, and be able to sell:

  • The IM Tech Training 2.0 Course
  • WordPress Membership for Free Course
  • Fast & Free Traffic Formula Course
  • Flippa Cash Course
  • Facebook Traffic Course
  • Effective List Building Course
  • SEO Video Warrior Course
  • PLR Powerhouse Course
  • Idea Generation Simplified Course
  • Affiliate Niche Cash Course

Besides selling them…why not go through them yourself? Think about the great education you’ll get…and you’ll be paid to do so, since you’ll be making money selling these products as well!

They’re also including a live Q&A webinar, so you can get all of your questions answered!

They’re selling all of the above for only $27. I thought it was crazy myself…but what a great deal! You should make that back really easily when you start selling them.

HINT: Don’t like watching long videos? I sure don’t. Try closing the page. It’ll bring you to another page, and ask you if you want to leave the page or stay on that page.

If you stay on that page…you’ll see a nice written out sales letter which will show you everything you’ll get. That way you can read instead of watch the video. That’s what I did!

Get the Video Fire Sale Now!

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