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Chris Munch - LoveClaw

Services like Survey Monkey have long been the chosen way to get feedback on your business and your product, helping you get new ideas of products and services to create.

And the one thing people LOVE to do most online is share their experiences and emotional opinions.

There’s a tool I just recently discovered that can be used to combine the two together, bringing you an endless flow of HIGH-DEMAND product ideas, as well as a steady stream of traffic that will be interested in your offers.

This software lets you effortlessly (and with no tech experience) customize your own highly engaging share buttons.

For example:
“I Want A Traffic Product”
“I Want An AdSense Product”
“I Want A List Building Product”

… and of course you can apply approach to any niche.

And when people click to vote, you get shared on Facebook (remember how people love to share their opinions?), which brings in more traffic… and actually stimulates the kind of engagement and user metrics Google loves to see.

So there’s more search traffic in there for you as well!

Just be aware… This tool is currently 50% off for a LIFETIME license (it’s usually a monthly charge) and that deal goes away tomorrow. (Thursday, May 9th)

That’s Just One Use Of This Amazing Tool – Check It Out:

Check out the Emotional SEO Software Now!

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