Google Plus is a Failure?

Chris Munch Google Plus Catastrophe

When you see a post that you like…do you G+1 it?

If you’re like most people, no…you don’t.

You either like it on Facebook, or use Twitter or Pinterest.


… It’s the same reason for Google’s catastrophic failure…

… And the same reason “Emotional SEOs” are being found on the front page, instead of their outdated competition!

Understanding this is critical to the rising Emotional SEO Movement.

And this free video series made for you by The LoveClaw Team explains it all.

Watch part one, and discover Emotional SEO.

Emotional SEO is the name of a new direction our industry’s most progressive SEOs are heading, as they get rankings by focusing on ‘PEOPLE’, instead of clinging to outdated ‘numbers’ methods.

It doesn’t rely on Google for traffic…

Yet it draws more traffic from the search engines, than those who slave tirelessly, building links and optimizing their sites in an attempt to impress Google!

But Google isn’t listening… Google is looking at the Emotional SEO crowd instead. Learn what it is and how it works in Part #1…

This video will be removed soon – watch now:

Watch the Free Video Now!

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