Free Training: Create Your Own Local Marketing Book

Kevin Wilke - Easy Local Book

Do yourself a favor and do NOT miss this FREE webinar!

Kevin Wilke will be hosting a webinar on The number one marketing tool for local marketers.

Being the author of your own book on local marketing changes EVERYTHING.

You will close more deals, faster, and at higher price points than ever before.

Plus, objections just melt away.

It really is one of those “magic tools” in this business that the 6-figure a year earners are all using.

On the webinar, Kevin will show you:

  • The exact steps to having the #1 TOOL to getting customers (How you can create your own Local Online Marketing Book yourself.)
  • The 9 proven ways to use your book to get more customers. (Each of these can get you 5 to 10 or more new customers.)
  • How to use it to speed up the “sales cycle” so you close deals quicker.
  • How to use it so it “melts away” objections.
  • Live case-studies from 6-figure local marketers sharing how they use their book to get more customers at higher prices.

Regardless what kind of local marketing business model you are using, having your own book will make a DRAMATIC impact on your success in getting more customers.

This is one of those “must attend” webinars that will give you simple, actionable steps you can use right away in your business.

Learn How to Have Your Own Local Online Marketing Book!

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