One Client a Week – So Many Clients that You’ll Have to Turn Some Away!

Kevin Wilke - One Client a Week

There’s a strategy you can learn right now called “Godfather” to ‘Celebrity’, and if you do it right (which is VERY easy), you’ll have local business clients look at you totally different from all the other marketers out there.

When starting out, you’ll learn how to use the “Godfather” proposition, which is making an offer your prospects “can’t refuse”.

And no, it’s not anything extreme or dangerous. It’s simply you making an irresistible offer to them in a way that stands out from the rest, and has them calling YOU.

Once you know how to do this, you then transition into being the “celebrity”, and this usually happens automatically.

Which means, over time you no longer even have to go out and find local prospects to make them an offer.

They now find YOU constantly through referrals and word of mouth.

You get so many local businesses calling you out of the blue, that you now have to limit and be very picky about who you choose to work with.

This is when you start to command the really BIG bucks, and you’ll usually get it (think tens of thousands of dollars a month per client!)

People like you are using the ‘One Client A Week’ training right now and already seeing results.

You’ll see exactly how to spend just 30 minutes a day, and start getting clients eager to work with you, calling YOU with their checkbooks ready.

And you’ll never have to leave your home and never have to make a cold call.

This is hands down the best client-getting method I’ve ever seen, and the guy who developed it (which took 8 years) is finally going to share it with you.

You’ll learn how to go from Godfather to Celebrity, with a client calling YOU ready to pay thousands of dollars a month as quickly as this week.

You can work this system right from your computer in your spare time, and never leave your house or make a cold call.

In just 30 minutes of ‘work’ a day, you will have local clients chasing YOU.

Give it a shot:

Get One Client a Week Now!

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