One Client a Week – What Are 3 Secret Places to Find “Red Hot Clients”?

Kevin Wilke - One Client a Week

There are 3 places that you can look online to find red hot local prospects.

And if you “approach” them the right way, and say and do the right things, they’ll be calling YOU every week, ready to get started and pay you for your online marketing help.

In other words, no going to meetups or face to face meetings, or ever having to pick up the phone and make a cold call.

You’ll see what these 3 places are when you watch the free presentation below.

There are local business trainers out there that ‘kinda’ show you how to target these places, and maybe get some results (if you get lucky), but usually you’re told to go after them in a way that does NOT separate you from all the other wannabe local marketers.

So you get ZERO results.

Kevin Wilke of the Local Internet Marketers Association (LIMA) shows you a groundbreaking way that at first may sound too good to be true.

But it works. And it lands you high paying local clients anytime you turn the “machine” on.

It’s like giving yourself a pay raise any time you need it, just by pressing the ‘gas pedal’ for 30 minutes a day.

The 3 places to find local business clients that’ll call YOU, may not totally surprise you…

However, almost everyone will tell you to ‘approach’ them totally wrong.

So you end up with little to NO results, and just fight an uphill battle.

You’ll discover for the first time, how to target these 3 places in a way that separates you from the rest of the crowd, and it blows away your prospects.

They’ll be chasing after you with their wallets open:

Get One Client a Week Now!

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