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Maritza Parra - Free Webinar

Do you feel stuck trading time for dollars?
Do you feel like the best kept secret in your industry?
Are you ready to get out of the feast or famine cash flow cycle?

If any of the above rings true or you, I’d like to invite you to a special webinar:

“5 Simple Secrets to Crafting Your Hot, Free Gift that Builds Your 6-Figure List – FAST”
Tuesday, March 5th
5pm PST | 7pm CST | 8 pm EST
Save your seat here.

Join Maritza Parra and discover how to exponentially grow your client base and cash flow. The very first vital step to adding 6-Figures to your bottom line is crafting your Hot, Free Gift. In this session, you’ll learn exactly how and what mistakes to avoid when trying to build your profitable list community.

In this content-packed session, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly is a list community and why you NEED one to have a truly stable and wildly profitable business.
  • The MINDSET behind the MONEY – (without this your efforts will likely fail)
  • Why you may be training your subscribers to NOT buy from you
  • 5 ingredients to crafting a truly irresistible Hot, Free Gift your ideal prospects will LOVE
  • How to convert 100% of your ideal website visitors into excited new subscribers

Isn’t it time to finally make the big impact you KNOW you should be making in the world? I so, you don’t want to miss this event.

Maximize your profits by leveraging your time, knowledge and expertise- all with no marketing budget!

What makes this webinar different than others is you’ll leave with an exact blueprint for quickly creating your Hot, Free Gift that can add 6 (or even 7!) figures to your bottom line – that how powerful this content is!

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