Smart Podcasting Skills – Free Group Coaching!

Smart Podcasting Skills

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to Podcast, and have your podcast up and running within 6 weeks, I found something that you’re going to love.

Kelly McCausey has a great course, called “Smart Podcasting Skills”, and for $39 you get the self-study course to learn how to do it. through Monday, March 4th, you will get not only the self-study course, but 3 group coaching sessions as well, all for that same $39! She usually charges $97 for the course plus the group coaching.

So this is a really great deal.

Starting Tuesday, March 5th, the group coaching option will be gone, and the regular cost of the self-study course will be $69.

So if you want to get the course + group coaching for $39, you’d better get it now!

Get Smart Podcasting Skills Now!

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