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Sean Donahoe - PingFresh

Have your profits collapsed due to lost rankings?

Like me, I am sure you have seen the rankings and traffic drop off the face of the earth on some sites.

With the search engines making changes every week, it’s enough to make you want to give up.

That’s why Sean Donahoe, one of the biggest names in SEO and Internet Marketing is sharing one of his best ever strategies and has wrapped it up into an AWESOME WordPress plugin.

He has been using this strategy for over 2 years himself, but wanted to give it to some of his students to test.

The results were shocking:

Student 1 : 538% Jump in Traffic (7,735 Visitors/Day)
Student 2 : Zero to 576 Visitors/Day
Student 3 : 897% Increase in 15 Days

This POWERFUL (yet simple to use) plugin puts some GRUNT back into your SEO efforts by reviving your site’s old DEAD content. It’s like social media catnip.

Best of all, it’s 100% automatic, working 24/7/365.

This plugin focuses on EXACTLY what the search engines want and DRAMATICALLY increases your social footprint.

The powerful “SOCIAL SONAR PULSE” and many other high-power strategies force new eyes to your site and the search engines to push your site’s rankings higher than ever.

Click the link below to see an exclusive preview of its formidable capabilities and get ready for an avalanche of traffic.

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